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"For The Nerd In You"

HyperFizzics® brand energy drink is the scientifically formulated Brain Booster/Energy Elixir 'for the nerd in you.' This delicious bubbly concoction is reverse-engineered, formulated, and bottled outside Area 51 and shipped via anti-gravity craft to its headquarters in the Emerald City, where it is distributed locally and throughout the world via Amazon.

Crafted with just the right mix of tried-and-true rejuvenating ingredients like B vitamins, niacin, taurine, and caffeine, HyperFizzics is the ideal energy drink for marathon video-game sessions, television series binges, late night study sessions, overnight RPG playing, midnight sci-fi watching, lamplight reading, wee-early hour paranormal podcast listening, and any other activity that requires a nice pick-me-up. Want to go into beast mode while engaging in a quirky hobby or nerdcore activity? Then HyperFizzics is the energy drink for you! Need a refreshing jolt of revitalization after a long day at the lab? Try HyperFizzics!

Let's keep it real, not everyone guzzling an energy drink is trying to run a 5K or go extreme snowboarding; some of us just want a little extra fuel to stave off the nods during an all night drive through the desert, or to beat that pesky last level of Super Mario, or get caught up on the latest season of Game of Thrones before sunrise.

Whatever your reason, if you need a quick power-up to put you into hyperdrive as you slay that monster of a day, then cut the bull and grab a can of HyperFizzics: Scientifically Formulated Brain Booster/Energy Elixir "for the nerd in you!"


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