Some of the greatest scientific inventions are created by accident…

The HyperFizzics Story

One night while working on a potion for time travel, after-hours in his research laboratory, Lex Laxman the Laboratorista accidentally created something else entirely. In his unyielding devotion to bold scientific methodology, Laxman (never one to shy away from self-experimentation) decided to take a few swigs straight from his Erlenmeyer flask. He had hoped that the bubbly concoction he had been brewing would disperse his molecular structure and launch him through a wormhole that would propel him through space-time.


Unfortunately for the clueless Laboratorista , he overestimated his understanding of quantum physics and was not transported through time.


However, to his astonishment, he discovered that the formula he crafted was a wonderful brain booster and energy elixir.

Putting to use his sudden boost in exuberance, Laxman decided to pull an all-nighter in order to perfect the taste of the rejuvenating fizzy drink. To ensure that the effects were replicable on someone other than himself, Laxman offered the drink to his groggy colleagues as they sleepily strolled into the laboratory early the next morning. To Laxman's delight, everyone who drank it became more alert and focused. Eureka! HyperFizzics® brand energy drink was born!